BSR is an original hard rock band from the Greater Boston Area. In 2016, the group’s three Northeasterly founders (shown on the left) went in search for a new lead singer, only to happen upon the mustachioed Mid-Westerner on the right (mustache not pictured). Together, the powerful foursome combine to deliver a genuine rock sound reminiscent of the greats you love rocking out to.

They are being described as, "a band that brings a touch of classic, theatrical rock and roll to much more distorted, grunge or hard rock environment. The music is thick, it progresses in a heavy and intense way, the leading voice though has a much more accessible tone and sense of character than you might ordinarily expect."

Here are the redeemed:



Michael "Cozzy" Cosgrove - Bass

Conrad Martin - Guitar & Backing Vocals

Dave Sexton - Drums

Clark Webb - Lead Singer